Iconfont in 5 Styles

This font contains over 1,500 different premium icons from more than 35 different themes. You get icons for almost every application: web applications, text editors, travel planners, route planners, hotel reservations, and much more. Get the complete icon overview.

A new way to highlight tabs

Each icon has been designed from the ground up to represent different styles. This icon font contains five different font styles, all of which fit together perfectly. This makes it very elegant and user-friendly to highlight active menu items in your apps and websites. Testdrive

More Features of the iconfont

  • unigrid system
    All icons are based on a uniform grid. This allows for excellent consistency throughout the set.
  • 16px base size
    The icons are compatible with the Bootstrap 4 basic font size. This allows for better readability at even the smallest size.
  • easy CSS control
    Configure size, color, opacity, shadow, and many more attributes easily via CSS commands.
  • unlimited scale
    The icons are designed as vector graphics. This allows you loss-free scaling to any size.
  • quick access
    You get an HTML overview for all icons with tags. You can quickly find the appropriate icon via the browser search.
  • pixel perfect
    The line strength of the icons is precisely matched to the size of the grid. This sharpens the image of the icons.
  • faster loading
    To load all icons, your site or app needs only one query. This saves loading time and speeds up your app or website.
  • free updates
    This font is constantly updated with new icons. After purchase, you will receive future updates for free.
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